Freitag, 22. März 2024 um 20:00 – 23:30

Blues Rock aus Los Angeles, California

Welcome to the resonant and compelling sound of Dave Helwig. A rock virtuoso whose journey has reverberated across the United States, captivating diverse audiences of all sizes. From the intimate beer gardens of Colorado to vast venues in California. Dave’s music is a powerful homage to the golden era of rock, reflecting the spirit and raw energy that fans of foundational rock music crave. Sharing the stage with legendary figures such as Robert Cray and Ronnie Montrose, Dave’s shows are a synthesis of passionate vocals and fiery guitar solos, reminiscent of the authentic, unfiltered sound of blues and rock legends. His collaborations with icons like Pat Travers and Ross Valory of Journey underscore his versatility and mastery in the rock genre, earning him recognition as “Rock Personified” by BAM magazine. For aficionados of genuine, electrifying rock music, Dave Helwig offers a soul-stirring experience, connecting with every listener through his profound love for timeless music. Whether it’s the robust energy of live performances or the rich harmonies of his recordings, Dave Helwig revives a classic blues and rock vibe for all to relive, or encounter for the first time, and enjoy. For those seeking a memorable and penetrating sound, Dave Helwig is the artist to experience.